In too many ways the progress that women have made has been stopped and turned back due to the constant attacks on women’s rights around the world. From the selling and enslaving of women by ISIS, to the Russian loosening of domestic violence laws to Donald Trump’s re-installation of the Global Gag Rule women have been attacked on all fronts. Economically little has changed as women are routinely discriminated against and not paid as much as men.

Secretary General Antonio Guterres in a speech to the Commission on the Status of Women made clear that in order to protect, uphold and change the status of women worldwide that women needed to become leaders and that men needed to engage in the protection of “gender equality”.

According to Time,

While Guterres didn’t name any countries or groups, his message was clearly aimed at the Islamic State extremist group which sells women and girls as sex slaves. It also appeared directed at U.S. President Donald Trump’s expansion of a ban on federal aid to international organizations that provide abortions or abortion information — and to Russia for new legislation decriminalizing some forms of domestic violence.

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