Jenny Giering has two children and owns a home with her husband. They have, she says, “no consumer debt” and “paid back every dime” on their student loans. Like many Americans, she emphasizes, “We are fiscally responsible people.” Jenny and her husband are also freelancers and working artists. She writes music while her husband is a playwright, a novelist, and a medical writer.

“The passage of the ACA did more to shore up and secure our little family than any other piece of legislation in my lifetime,” says Giering.

In September 2014, Jenny was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer and she underwent four surgeries, including a unilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. The coverage she received through MassHealth saved her life and continues to help her through the chronic and disabling symptoms that continue. Without it, her family would certainly not be able to afford her care.

Now, Republicans are poised to take away that security and safety net from Jenny and her family as well as tens of millions of Americans like her. And for what? Tax cuts for the wealthy. Is this really it, America?

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