The Netherlands got it right yesterday when they sent a message to the ugly nationalistic party lead by Geert Wilders by voting against him and what he stands for. Given his poor showing, he will not play a role in the forming of a new government. Instead, voters supported current Prime Minister Rutte and the more centre-left coalitions.

Much of Europe is heaving a sigh of relief after the devastating Brexit vote that was lead by nationalist parties in Britain. Next up is France where Marie Le Pen is leading in the polls against current President Francoise Hollande. Le Pen and Wilders are both vocal supporters of Donald Trump. Vox makes the comparison:

Wilders, who heads the Freedom Party, is often dubbed the Dutch Donald Trump. But this far-right populist is both more ideological and less impulsive than America’s president. He has called for making the “Netherlands great again,” banning the Quran, taxing the hijab, shutting down all mosques, sealing off Dutch borders to Muslim newcomers, and pulling the Netherlands out of the European Union.

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