Some people believe in creationism according to their religious beliefs. It is not based on scientific theory but that has not stopped the conservative right from attempting to have it taught in science classes. Since the beginning of the year, eight states,, emboldened by Trump’s win, have endeavored to pass laws that require it to be taught in schools. No surprise that Texas is one of them. It is also where Lana Straub interviewed Angela Garlington who teaches science and creationism in her “science” class. According to Straub:

When she teaches evolution, the science of how Earth’s creatures evolved over billions of years, Garlington approaches it as a theory on par with creationism, the belief that life on Earth was created by God as described in the Bible. “I simply tell my students [that] as educated young adults they have a right… to choose what they believe.”

How sad that a science teacher tells her students that they get to choose whether they “believe” in science or not.

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