In the land of make believe Sean Spicer is still insisting that there is a chance that Donald Trump is right when he says that President Obama wiretapped him, despite both the House and Senate Intelligence committees saying there is absolutely no evidence of any such thing. But the in the land Trump, where the truth has no meaning and facts are “alternative” Press Secretary Sean Spicer continued to try and defend Trump’s accusations suggesting that the statements of the committees were not “findings” but just what ‘they knew now.’ He forgot to add that it is what they knew now after being briefed by the FBI.

Spicer is just as desperate as his boss to try and maintain the illusion that President Obama was out to get him. He was clearly trying to grab anything to try and hold onto the narrative that Obama violated the law and that Trump had proof. Then mind-bogglingly he attacked the veracity of the media by citing the media…

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