President Trump’s recently revealed budget basically does away with all climate change programs but it also slashes the Office of Enforcement by 23 percent, reports Emily Atkin—the office that identifies and punishes polluters. The budget also eliminates funding to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and the Great Lakes, cuts the science division in half, and reduces state environmental program grants by 44 percent.

“The budget also terminates more than 50 other programs designed to fight global warming, protect public health, and clean up air and water,” notes Atkin.

In Trump’s America, funding for the EPA protecting would be slashed by 31 percent to $5.7 billion, its lowest level in 40 years, and 3,200 agency employees would be fired, nearly a fifth of its workforce.

What’s most concerning is that the proposed $482 million in cuts would come from traditional state environmental grants, says Atkin, “which help states, local governments, and tribal governments clean up hazardous waste, protect drinking water, and make sure disgusting wastewater doesn’t leak into soil or waterways.”

Why on Earth would the Trump administration want to make such cuts that would clearly endanger public health and the environment? And why on Earth would a Republican-controlled Congress go along with such cuts? Follow the campaign contributions right back to the energy sector and the Koch brothers.


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