Many Americans, the majority in fact, hold fairly progressive views on reproductive rights, which are strikingly at odds with most of the health care policies promoted by Republican leadership, reports Laurel Raymond — particularly those policies promoted in the GOP’s health care bill that is up for a House vote on Thursday.

Researchers at PerryUndem, a nonpartisan polling firm, surveyed a sample group of registered voters in early March and found that these measures are not supported by a strong majority of Americans.

For example, the American Health Care Act, or Trumpcare, would defund Planned Parenthood, make abortion coverage more difficult and costly, and disproportionately affect women and children by rolling back Medicaid.

Voters who participated in the poll also viewed “birth control as an issue affecting women’s sexual freedom — which they support,” notes Raymond, with a healthy “80 percent of respondents said they believed women should be able to have sex for pleasure, not just for reproduction. Seventy-six percent responded that men should be able to have sex for pleasure.”

And yet, only 37 percent of the men who responded thought that they had benefitted from a woman in their life having access to birth control. We still have a lot of teaching to do.

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