The recent changes to Trumpcare include stripping mandated maternity care and childbirth coverage from health insurance plans. It will cost more to get them and according to Press Secretary Sean Spicer, women could be covered on a family plan – which still will cost more and will not cover single mothers.

The conversation surrounding this issues actually included comments of ‘why should men have to pay for maternity care,’ which is obviously an absurd conversation to engage as it quickly devolves into why should anyone have to contribute to anyone else’s health issues.

Supposedly the point of repealing Obamacare was to make it more affordable for Americans. This is not making health coverage more affordable or better for anyone. Families will end up paying more and single women who are pregnant will left out in the cold.

According to a report in ThinkProgress:

Prior to Obamacare, 62 percent of those on the individual market didn’t have maternity coverage, according to a study by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Only nine states mandated that plans covered maternity care, and in states that didn’t, only six percent of plans offered it, according to a study by the National Women’s Law Center.

Is this what they think Americans want?

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