Finally, the issue of missing Black children is getting the attention that it deserves as social media has spread the outrage over Black girls that have gone missing in Washington D.C. While the initial tweets referencing the number of missing girls were wrong the bigger issue of what happens when a Black child goes missing, the machinery and effort that kicks in or doesn’t kick in, to find them has now become a focus.

The number of children that go missing is far higher in Black communities than white ones. According to Buzz Feed News,

…the number of black people missing across the US is staggeringly disproportional — though that’s not a new phenomenon.

The Black Caucus has asked the Justice Department to look into the cases in Washington D.C to investigate what is happening and whether it is an anomaly or not. The Mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser is looking to increase resources for teens that are at risk of running away.

As Shaun King of the Daily News points out,

Officials in D.C. are quick to say that 95% of the cases of disappearing girls and women have been resolved, but the fact remains that of the 5% that haven’t, all 37 of the girls and women are black and Latina. This trend is not unique to D.C. Black girls and women represent an outrageously disproportionate percentage of the number of people missing in this country.

We must acknowledge and admit that Blacklivesmatter, that it must be present in every aspect of our society and that our children must know that they are valuable human beings worthy of our care and attention.

-Jan Harrison



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