While Donald Trump’s budget only gives the top line numbers of his proposed budget, the indications are that programs that help women who are victims of domestic violence are being targeted. The Heritage Foundation, the influential, conservative group has proposed in their “Blueprint For Balance” cutting all of the grants to the Violence Against Women Act programs.

Women who are victims of domestic violence often need all kinds of services to end the cycle of violence. Especially, lower income women, who are more susceptible to being beaten and terrorized by their partners. The Trump budget and GOP ideology that specifically attacks services for the poor will have a profound impact on women who need services to support them and their families. Native American women who suffer the most from abuse are in desperate need as they suffer disproportionately from families affected by alcohol and violence.

According to Rewire News,

While domestic and intimate partner violence disproportionately affect low-income women and women of color, high rates of poverty, lack of education, limited job opportunities, language barriers, and fear of deportation can decrease the ability of a woman of color to find support services. This makes comprehensive, multipronged interventions to address violence against women critically important.

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  1. Republican Party stands for patriarchy and white supremacy. All their moves legislatively, judicially and budgeting display their archaic beliefs that women are evil and need punishment. They think men are superior and have a G-d given right to use us as pleases them and then throw us away. This is protected by their funding, laws, attitudes shown in banter as in our “pussy-grabber-and-Chief ” becoming our President. Only when the perpetrator is a dark-skinned man and the woman is white-skinned do they think there is male culpability that needs to be legallly pursued.

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