The question we all need to be asking is how much damage can be done to our planet in the next four years. President Trump intends to sign an executive order to dismantle much of the work done under President Obama to protect our air, water, lands and us from the devastating impact of climate change.  Obama had a vision to stem the tide of corporate practices that had lead us to the brink of disaster. He signed executive orders that stopped fracking on public lands, demanded that the impact on the environment was part of the consideration that agencies consider when issuing permits. The list goes on.

Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. He isn’t a fan of science and believes the conclusion that man’s behavior has had a detrimental effect on the environment to be a Chinese hoax.

According to ThinkProgress:

The result is a behemoth order that touches on nearly a dozen different Obama-era rules. And while it will certainly have a measurable impact on domestic energy policy for years to come, the order — like Trump’s proposed “skinny budget” released in mid-March — is also a values statement, one that signals the United States federal government is no longer interested in fighting climate change, or helping communities adapt to its devastating consequences, at home and abroad.

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