Some call it karma, others justice, but all that matters is that David Daleiden and his accomplice Sandra Merritt have been charged with 15 felonies in videotaping employees of Planned Parenthood, without permission.

They subsequently edited the piece to make it look as if Planned Parenthood was illegally selling baby parts when they were doing nothing of the kind. It caused an uproar and launched many investigations within a dozen states against the women’s health care organization. And while each investigation turned up absolutely no wrongdoing of any kind by Planned Parenthood, it didn’t stop the House Republicans from holding their own hearings full of nonsensical and false narratives. The damage to Planned Parenthood was done.

As a result of the videotape, Daleiden and Merritt have been charged by the office of California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office for filming 14 people without their consent.

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