Republican efforts on Obamacare repeal have stalled, and there is no current GOP plan that can get enough support to move through Congress. With the ACA safe from repeal, at least for the time being anyway, several states, including Kansas, Maine and Georgia, are now moving forward with Medicaid expansion plans.

“Medicaid is a hugely important way Obamacare expands insurance. The expansion of that public program is responsible for most of the coverage gains under the Affordable Care Act,” notes Kliff.

In 2015, CBO estimated that an average of 14 million people each year would gain coverage over the next decade but in early 2016, they revised that number significantly, estimating that 18 million would enroll each year.

Vox asked the remaining 18 states that still are not enrolled if they’re planning to expand Medicaid now that Obamacare is “the law of the land,” as House Speaker Ryan said.

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