Shannon Lundgren, an Iowa state representative, caused an uproar online after insisting that women who miscarry after 20 weeks of pregnancy should continue to carry their fetuses to term.

Her shocking comments came during a hearing on Senate File 471, which would make a state ban on abortions after the 20-week mark possible, reports Lucy Westcott. After a “fetal heartbeat bill” was scrapped earlier, the Iowa House of Representatives’ Human Resources Committee approved the legislation.

“If it becomes law, Iowa would be the 18th state to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy,” notes Westcott.

Lundgren, who represents rural Dubuque and ran on an anti-abortion platform, was clear about who she was representing: “This bill wasn’t written for the intent to protect or govern on the side of the woman. It was written to save babies’ lives, giving the choice and being the voice of those babies…that don’t have one,” Lundgren told state Representative John Forbes when he posed a hypothetical situation about his daughter in a debate on the floor.

“I understand what you’re saying—this fetus, this baby, is not alive. I would concur that in that instance, if your daughter’s life is not in danger, that yes, she would have to carry that baby.”

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