Women are the wily creatures who can seduce and make men afraid for their very souls. Beware the woman who wears red lipstick and long pointed heels. They will entice you to do things you did not mean to do. Women ask for it. No doesn’t mean no, it means more, and while my flesh is weak, my soul is God’s.

According to The Washington Post, Mike Pence pledged to his wife that he will not eat with another woman alone and he will not drink alcohol unless she is by his side.

It is hard to imagine in this day and age what kind of mindset one would have to have to follow that kind of antiquated version of the kind of relationships that men and women can have.

Obviously, Mike Pence doesn’t have any women friends or business associates or if he does he doesn’t trust himself to have dinner with them without contemplating wanting to screw them.

Clearly, he is afraid he cannot control himself.

This is the kind of reasoning that gives us judges who think that rape is a woman’s fault, constructing scenarios based on this kind of Pence-like thinking, which has women luring good men in by wearing the wrong clothes, by using suggestive words or by getting tipsy or saying no when they mean yes.

Pence’s position demeans women by not allowing them to be fully counted for all that they are: it means their accomplishments are disregarded and their lives are devalued as they are reduced to being mere sexual objects.

It is certainly the kind of belief system that helps to keep women down and out of the boardrooms.

Given that important business conversations often happen over dinner, to exclude women from the pool of people who you can have dinner with is discriminatory, especially when one is in a position of power. It is a deliberate attempt to keep women out of the equation and to keep them unequal in all ways.

We also now have a clearer understanding of why a supposedly highly moral evangelical Christian stayed the course with Trump after hearing the tape where Trump chortled about his escapades grabbing women’s pussies. Pence understood Trump’s desire. He understood that Trump was not as strong as he was, given all the opportunities Trump had in the company of women. No wonder the countless claims by women who have said Trump assaulted them gave Pence no pause. Trump had fallen prey, and it wasn’t his fault.

What would it be like to be in the clutches of a wanton woman? Temptation is the work of the devil. Would she swallow me up whole and spit me out, could I deny her? Eve deceived Adam. I must never stray.

-Jan Harrison



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