Congressional Republicans went for the big one, looking to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act in the early days of their new-found control of all three branches of government. But their confused attempt failed, miserably, and they have, instead hobbled their own agenda going, reports Sarah Jones, while Obamacare “lives to fight another day.” Now is the time for Democrats to push for single-payer health system for all.

“Trumpcare is dead. President Donald Trump is humiliated and so is House Speaker Paul Ryan. The Democrats can hardly believe their luck,” says Jones.

This latest example of Obamacare’s resilience “represents a turning point,” argues Jones, for political, structural, and moral reasons. Now, urges Jones, “is the time for the Democratic Party to begin building a proposal for a single-payer health care system.” Medicare for All, as it is sometimes called is popular again, with 60 percent of Americans telling Pew Research Center they believe the government has a “responsibility” to ensure health care access back in January.

“The failure of Trumpcare proved that Obamacare is a floor, not a ceiling; in fact, Trump himself helped establish that floor by duping his supporters into believing that “everybody” would be covered under a Republican health care plan,” notes Jones.

Trumpcare failed for many reasons but mainly because voters “think in expansive terms,” says Jones, “They want health care, and they want more of it, not less.” Democrats can, and should, capitalize on this momentum and finally give Americans the basic health care they deserve and need.

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