President Trump removed his controversial White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon from the National Security Council on Wednesday, in an effort to reshuffle staff and restore key military and intelligence officials to greater roles on the council. As a result, Bannon will be far less involved in shaping the day-to-day national security policy, report Robert Costa and Abby Phillip.

“Bannon was there to ‘de-operationalize the NSC from its Obama-era setup,” said one official, adding that “Bannon feels that has been accomplished with Flynn and his successor H.R. McMaster and no longer feels the need to be part of the NSC,” reports WaPo.

The move comes after a series of talks, which included Bannon, about the scope of his role moving forward and, according to five officials familiar with the decision, as General McMaster “has fully taken control of the council and its operations.”

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