There is no longer any pretense that the President of the United States is capable of being the leader of this nation or any other. It isn’t news that Donald Trump lies daily. He tries to impugn the integrity of others as a way to deflect from his absolute incompetence, not to mention the Russian ties to his campaign and administration. Today he said that Dr. Susan Rice, the former NSA adviser to President Obama, was guilty of a crime.

No rational, respectful human being who is a leader of a great nation would ever do what he did today or on that Saturday morning when he accused President Obama of wiretapping. A charge that has been proven false, yet it is a charge he continues to make. His accusation against Rice is yet another attempt to divert his lackeys to issues that they can grab hold of in his defense. And they, of course, have performed admirably calling for an investigation based on nothing, losing sight that the story originated with Mike Cernovich, an alt-right activist that was part of propagating the pizza-gate” story.

Trump wants us to forget that his NSA adviser, General Mike Flynn, resigned for lying about his relationship to Russia.

He doesn’t want us to reflect on the fact that Flynn has offered to testify to Congress if given immunity. He doesn’t want what’s left of his supporters to believe that he and his team may have committed criminal acts.

Instead, he attacks people without fact and impugns their reputations. Dr. Rice was doing her job. Period. There is nothing to see here.

The idea that it is “one of the big stories of our time” shows how he wants to distract from the biggest story of our time, Russia’s influencing of our presidential election.

And we shouldn’t lose sight that this man has chosen to attack two Black people as a way to try to take the heat off himself. It isn’t a coincidence. Trump knows who his base is and attacking the “other” is just more fodder for their jubilation. His base is racist, sexist, xenophobic and homophobic. To suggest otherwise, as Bernie Sanders does, means that your white privilege is at work.

The Democratic base is the working and middle class, not the elite. Being working class doesn’t mean you throw the rights and cares of other people under the bus.

It means that you want to be included in the equation but not by stepping on the rights and bodies of others.

We know without a doubt that Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Truth, facts are meaningless. And anyone who is not noticing that he refuses to attack Vladimir Putin even after scores of people die is a chemical attack in Syria is being deliberately blind.

If Trump had a remote idea of how government functions and the different roles that people play and how it all works together he might realize what a fool he is making of himself. But the reality is he could stand in front of the Washington Monument in his birthday suit, and he and his followers would claim he was wearing Armani.

The Emperor not only has no clothes, he has no ethics and no moral compass.

-Jan Harrison




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