Taking the “abortion” pill is safe in combination with telemedicine. An Australian study proves that women can safely obtain an abortion with a combination of the guidance of a remote medical facility aka “telemedicine” and the abortion pill. The Tabbot Foundation which is a telemedicine provider in Australia was a subject of a study whose results prove that women can safely have an abortion with a pill.

According to Broadly,

The study revealed that, out of 1000 women who received the abortion pill though this method, 717 women reported they took the abortion drugs provided by the foundation, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The study found that 82 percent of women had a confirmed normal termination; fifteen percent were not able to be contacted.

Here in the United States, 19 legislatures have already anticipated the advent of telemedicine and banned it women from having an abortion without a doctor present, all under the guise of trying to keep women safe even when study after study shows that taking the abortion pill is absolutely safe.

Women would be greatly served by having the ability to obtain a safe abortion that costs less and is more accessible.

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