The Trump administration is most comfortable with power and the powerful.

On the world stage, this attitude has taken the form of a relationship with Russia’s Vladimir Putin that is cozier than ones with traditional allies such as Germany’s Angela Merkel. That sentiment trickles down within America’s borders, as well, to Trump’s words on policing, where for the self-proclaimed “law and order” president, force wins out over conciliatory tactics every time — including in his own “get ’em out of here” rally cries that have resulted in his own legal headaches.

It’s no surprise, then, that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is following the Trump lead.

He didn’t need much nudging to retreat from Obama administration-led actions in the Justice Department. Sessions has criticized videos that reveal police misconduct more than the conduct itself, and has never been a fan of federal investigations into local police departments. This week he ordered a Justice Department review of consent decrees that community leaders, citizens and some police departments have agreed are needed but that Sessions sees as having a negative effect on crime prevention and police morale.

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