Chlorhexidine is a chemical found in wipes that are used in hospitals to prevent the spread of Enterococcus a drug-resistant bacteria that kills hundreds of patients a year. The company that makes the wipes, Sage Products has made millions from the sale of their products. However, there are questions as to its safety that hasn’t been addressed by research. Most of the research into the product has been funded by SageProducts.

According to Reuters,

…as use of chlorhexidine products has grown, so have concerns about their effectiveness and safety — and about the role of industry-backed research in promoting them. The industry money funding chlorhexidine research muddies the message of the results, in the view of many health experts.

Dr. Martin Blaser, a professor in New York University’s Department of Microbiology and chair of the Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, said it’s still impossible to tell whether washing patients daily with such a potent biocide is wise or effective. Indiscriminate use could trigger resistance in harmful bugs or kill off beneficial bacteria, with dangerous consequences, he said.

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