A thwap heard round the world. On Thursday, President Trump authorized an attack on Syria in retaliation for its chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province, which killed 86 people, including many women and children. In response, the U.S. launched 59 Tomahawk missiles targeting the Shayrat air base.

Less than 24 hours later the base is open and operating. The cost to taxpayers for the attack was $60 million though it has had no impact on Syria’s ability to continue to wage war against its own people.

What it did do is give the Republicans and Trump a reason to crow about his resolve and commitment to Syria, a commitment that has continuously changed, especially within the 48 hours prior to the attack. Ignoring that President Obama had come to the Congress for approval to launch a military action that the GOP rejected, the administration blamed President Obama for doing nothing in Syria.

This attack wasn’t successful no matter what Fox News may say. The airport was not destroyed, as they claim.

And while it wasn’t just white men who applauded his action, it was a very typical male response to when a situation seemingly calls for strength. It doesn’t matter that Trump’s decision to use force in response to a horrific attack, made no difference. Syrian children are not safer. And Syria won’t stop doing what they please, aided and abetted by Russia. The horror will go on.

But many Americans will now feel better because we “did something.” They won’t care that it had no effect and that is was not even successful in destroying the airport.

They will just feel warm and fuzzy in their hearts because Donald Trump had the balls to call for a military action.

One can say, a la Putin, that he beat on his chest. I think it is more accurate to say he thwapped his lower appendage on the table for all to see. It was a show of his masculinity, his maleness and his supposed strength.

One can assume that Trump is now hoping that his action will be seen as an FU to Putin and Russia, as Russia was quick to condemn the attack. Given that he warned the Russians prior to the attack, given that the base is once again open its hard to believe that this was not a coordinated response by the US and Russia to distract from the ongoing investigation of the possible collusion between Trump and Putin to interfere with our election.

And let’s not lose sight that Trump did not come to the US Congress for approval to launch the strike, which is what is required by our constitution. There is a reason for that.

Our founding fathers understood the consequence of war.

It was never intended that our president would have the power to unilaterally take action against another sovereign nation. What Trump did was an act of war.

Military action should always be a last resort and when it is done, it must be done with a strategic, surgical precision. Too many things too often go wrong and when they do people die. There are many times when we aren’t going to be able to change a situation no matter how horrific it is, by pressing a button. As frustrating as other actions might be because they require time, international cooperation and real planning they often are our best hope.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am a believer in facts and truth.

Having said that my gut tells me that this entire incident was manufactured by Russia and Trump’s team. I believe they purposefully did this to distract the American people and press.

I have no facts to prove it. I am only sharing what my instinctual response is to this debacle.

Given all that they have done to date, I put nothing past them – not even using children. If Trump cared about children, why wasn’t he equally abhorred by the children we killed in the Yemen raid or our more recent participation in an attack on Mosul where 278 people were killed, including many children. And if he truly cared about the Syrian people he would welcome them as refugees.

So please forgive me if I find Trump talk of dying babies a disgusting use of the deaths of children to prop up his already failing presidency. This man is capable of anything, just like his mentor. God forbid we see him without his shirt on. Oh, and by the way, he also owns stock in Raytheon, the company that makes Tomahawk cruise missiles…

-Jan Harrison





  1. They missed on purpose. Russia has a lot of military assets there. And none was hit. Even with growing evidence they knew and assisted in the chemical attack. Waste of time and US military hardware.

    • U had me agreeing until the last sentence. US/Israel supported terrorists are responsible for the chemical attack, not Syria and definitely not Russia because it doesn’t benifit them.

    • But it was a Russisn built plane that delivered payload. Only Assad and Russia have that asset. Russian drone scouted area moments before bomb delivery. That is what is known. Unless ISIS now has air support? Which I would very doubt.

    • plane delivered payload, but do we know beyond a shadow of doubt that there was chems?could the chems have been delivered on the ground, ?could the victims have been from somewhere else and planted/staged at the scene?is the filmed scenes even at the actual site of payload?

    • So you are suggesting a coordinated attack? That would even be worse. To suggest Assad/Russian air campaign has terrorist ties? All the more reason to support a regime change.

  2. This was just a warning you idiots….destroying runways is useless look how long it now takes to create a highway in the US !!! They can make a runway in half a day !!!

  3. How many times must we endure these leftist attacks on ANYTHING the right does, while they defend, and even praise their screw ups? Where were their attacks on Dems when they screwed up our health insurance? Where were the attacks when our men died because they ignored reqests for security? How many times did the Clintons use attacks to distract from their felony crimes, and the left cover it up? Trump sends a message after an obvious atrocity and you attack now? Hold yourselves accountable for the double standards and quit spreading the bs and maybe we could become a great nation again.

    • Conservative misinformation? How many times must the MSM retract their stories after their initial information is shown to be selective editing, made up “facts”, or just total fabrications? If the MSM reported the truth instead of their agenda, why are the Clintons, Obama, Sharpton, Holder, Lynch and many other felonists wasting our air? They should all be at the minimum sitting in prison. Try getting the truth thru those leftist blinders.

    • Trump has shot twice. First in Yemen where the mission missed all terrorist leadership targets. And cost the life of a American Navy Seal. The second a Tomahawk mission to destroy an air field in Syria. Did not distroy target. And missed all supporting infrastructure. (Most Russian) From a tatic point of view failures. Not sure about strategic or political. But militarily? The President hasn’t done well. It’s not a Leftest thing. It’s facts.

    • Because it was a message, not a battle. It’s not a war, or the military would have carpet bombed, not selectively picked targets. These people think Trump controls the sights on the guns and blame him if there’s 1 missed target. They blame Trump is the air smells bad….. Trump must’ve farted. They let Obama’s regime get away with treason, but want Trump impeached because he is Trump.

    • Just a couple of things….health insurance wasn’t “screwed up”, it was made accountable. If there were increases in your premiums or deductibles, that was the company making them…as to increased security, the “right” took away security funding for missions abroad… Message or poor execution, let us hope that something less than war comes from it. I want Ronald to be successful since he’s what we got but I’ll be damned if I glorify his actions if it goes against my beliefs…only hope that I’m wrong in them…

    • So, health insurance didn’t get screwed up? Adding millions to it, that can’t pay for it, and telling 55 year old men that they must pay for prenatal care as a way to pay for someone elses care fixed it? We end up with the same number of uninsured, but now the ones don’t have good insurance are the ones paying for the ones can’t pay for it by another inept government program taking more of our money and doing less with it. As far as the companies making money, it’s their job. Go buy insurance after you wreck your car and ask them to cover it, or your house burns down, see if they’ll rebuild if you buy their insurance. No one was refused care before ACA was shoved down our throats. Hell, even the dumbasses that shoved it thru admitted they didn’t know what was in it. You want to supporr those idiots? I don’r. You want all these socialised programs? Move to a socialist country, there’s a few left. This is a republic.

    • Bruce Mercer , highways, water/sewer, police, fire departments, armed forces, schools, medicare are all socialist programs so yeah, I want them and willing to pay for them…we can argue whether 55 yr old women should pay for Viagra or prostate exams but that gets ludicrous…business is in the business of doing business, I get it but raising rates because they didn’t make their quarterly projections……? NO…..but this is getting away from the initial query of whether Trump aspirates…..so far, yes. Have a day of your choosing, thanks for the discussion.

    • I can’t discuss sonething with someone without a clue how things work. A business that “doesn’t meet projections” is not making money, therefore goes out of business. Forcing free citizens to do things against their will, is not freedom. Infrastructure is critical, but the government has taken things way too far. Be accountable for yourself, let me be accountable for me. I help as many as I can, it’s called compassion. Don’t tell me who I have to help, that’s called being a leftist, communist, marxist, socialist…… however you name it, it’s what our founders fled. You want to help all these people, pull out your billfold, I’ll choose who I help.

    • It’s going to be REALLY tough to settle “Capitalism vs Socialism” on a FB post. Americans use of both and the relationship of both is very complexed. From a GDP point of view? Americans seem the most comfortable with a 2/3 capitalism. 1/3 socialism as it relates to money. I think any reasonable person can see if we allowed one to overrun the other? American free enterprise as we know it would end. And most likely in a very hostel and fiery crash. Both concepts were a concern to the founding fathers. And they nearly beat each other’s brains out in debating a direction for a new nation. I know history likes to paint a room full of civilized men coming to a logical consensus. But the truth? We are still fighting for that balance. Capitalism is the engine of America and America’s economy. Socialism is the control sets that keep the engine from running out of control. Both are needed. As far as Helthcare? The simple problem to a very complex subject starts with the premise. Medical science does not have competition. And because of that typical capitalistic models end in failure. If healthcare was to run on a total supply and demand structure? It would ultimately bankrupt the country. And for many it already has. It’s the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy. It’s clear more socialism (in this case “Government price controls”) are needed. If you think big pharma, medical device manufacturing and the medical institutions themselves are bad? Imagine no government regulations? Obama care is the right idea. Just an unstable plan. And if someone has a better plan? I think all of us are “All ears.” We are not as divided as Democrats and Republicans suggests. They are!

  4. White male phobia in action. I bet these women wore vagina hats in Washington DC. They sound just like the idiots on The View. Why don’t be sorry Trump haters leave the country? Oh yes! Other countries have immigration laws that they are old.

  5. If he wanted to send a message, then he should have sent an email. It would have had the same effect, NONE. When Obama wanted to send the same message, Trump was quick to criticize and say We should stay the hell out of Syria, the “rebels” are just as bad as the current regime. WHAT WILL WE GET FOR OUR LIVES AND $ BILLIONS?ZERO. Then he said, Let the Arab League take care of Syria. Why are these rich Arab countries not paying us for the tremendous cost of such an attack? What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval.AGAIN, TO OUR VERY FOOLISH LEADER, DO NOT ATTACK SYRIA – IF YOU DO MANY VERY BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN & FROM THAT FIGHT THE U.S. GETS NOTHING! Russia is sending a fleet of ships to the Mediterranean. Obama’s war in Syria has the potential to widen into a worldwide conflict. President Obama, do not attack Syria. There is no upside and tremendous downside. Save your “powder” for another (and more important) day! Obama must now start focusing on OUR COUNTRY, jobs, healthcare and all of our many problems. Forget Syria and make America great again. Hillary Clinton “wants to start a shooting war in Syria… that could very well lead to World War III,” Trump said in Florida days before Election Day.
    Those are just a few rants from Trump in 2013. So Obama was considered a traitor and dictator for just even speaking about attacking Syria, but Trump is being put on a pedestal for the same exact thing.

  6. As a Vietnam veteran and Laos and Cambodia veteran with a special ops son who has made Atleast 20 trips to Iraq and Afghanistan may I give you my input?
    We now finally have a strong decisive commander in chief. Not someone who broadcasts when we will pull our troops out or put troops in and how many. Also someone that declares to the world that we will NOT put boots on the ground. You hate our president obviously, but might I say that he sent a VERY strong message finally for the united states. He did the right thing at the right time for all the right reasons.
    But then I don’t expect you to listen.

  7. I believe that Trump and team made a decision to demonstrate the fire power we have in the region without cause Russia to declare war on US. They gave 1 hour notice which allowed assets and personnel to be moved… They struck aircraft resentment demonstrating that next time without notice the aircraft will be destroyed. Looking at the photos it appears the runways and taxiway were not catered. The tells me that this was not intended to destroy the capability at the airfield but was a warning shot across the bow as it were. Only time will tell if it worked. If Asad does not use chemical weapons again then it worked..if it doesn’t work and he continues to use Chem weapons I expect the next respose will occur with no warning. Also North Korea got the message too as did the rest of the world.

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