Once again we find ourselves witnessing another horrific event at the heart of which is domestic violence. Cedric Anderson shot his wife and two students before killing himself. His wife Karen Smith was a teacher for special needs children at San Bernadino Elementary School. The children, one of whom has died were her students.

According to CNN,

Court records showed that he had faced criminal charges of brandishing a weapon, assault and crimes against public peace in 2013, with those charges later ‘dismissed or not prosecuted.’ There had also been two petitions for temporary restraining orders filed against him by women in previous years.

Anderson was allowed to own a gun even though he had a history of violence including restraining orders by other women. The GOP have argued against denying weapons to men who have been accused of domestic violence. They believe that the right to own a gun is greater than a woman’s right to live without fearing for her life.

The details of this relationship have yet to be made known. But what is known is that not a single god damn thing will be done to stop the wanton killing of women and children. Nothing. The GOP has blood on their hands and they don’t care as long as they are able to pack a weapon. – Jan Harrison

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