The mentally ill need to be in the hands of well-trained professionals that understand the unique challenges that these people face. The institutions that are charged with their care need to put their patient’s well-being first, and not second to profit.

Shadow Mountain is one of the largest of a group of 200 hospitals owned by Universal Health Services. It is a for-profit company that has a profit ratio of a stunning 27%. It also has a reputation for not taking care of the people in its charge. The state of Oklahoma, where Shadow Mountain is located has repeatedly sanctioned the facility for a variety of abuses.

According to BuzzFeed News:

…police records, state inspection reports, and lawsuits, as well as interviews with more than 15 current and former employees, including administrators and psychiatrists, reveal that Shadow Mountain is a profoundly troubled facility where frequent violence endangers patients and staff alike, where children as young as 5 are separated from their parents and held in dangerous situations, and where wards lack adequate staffing and staff lack adequate training.

BuzzFeed News piece on Shadow Mountain is a terrifying look at an institution completely out of control, where patients and staff alike aren’t safe.

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