Most scientists believe that we are years from being able to create a blood test that will detect the very earliest stages of cancer. But that hasn’t stopped several companies from raising millions to be the first one to develop a test that can go to market. Major investors are backing these efforts including the likes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

According to BuzzFeed News,

Academic cancer researchers, meanwhile, say producing this kind of test is an incredibly difficult scientific and logistical challenge. Nascent tumors sometimes shed telltale markers in the blood, but often don’t, and these “biomarkers” can be different from one person to another, or even in one person from one month to the next. Plus, credible data will take at least several more years to accumulate in rigorous clinical trials, if not longer.

The lure of being able to create a test that could possibly save millions of lives combined with the enormous financial benefit is driving a high-speed competition between companies. Not lost on any of them is the Theranos debacle where it was too good to be true.

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