Hillary has come out of the woods. She is no longer staying at home and going for long walks to assuage her loss. She is back.

No one should be surprised that a woman who has spent a lifetime in the limelight and being of service would find a way to move forward and to be a part of the national political fabric. And given that she won the popular vote my almost 3 million, it is safe to say that many people are looking to her to be part of the pushback against the presidency of Donald Trump.

According to The Daily Beast,

Her calendar is filling up with speeches before audiences sure to greet her like a conquering hero. Next week, she’ll be at an LGBT Community Center in New York City. Next month, she’ll keynote a Planned Parenthood gala and the Children’s Health Fund annual benefit in New York City. On May 26, she’ll give the commencement speech at her alma mater, Wellesley College.

Honestly for some, like me, it’s hard to listen to her and think about what might have been. The daily fear would be gone, the hope that accompanied her candidacy, especially as a woman, is deeply buried in despair for our nation and world. But if she can rally and be a voice for hope and change, so too must I. So too must we.


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