Kim Weaver is ready to try to unseat her district’s notoriously racist and sexist congressman, Steve King. The hard-right politician has become a poster boy for the most debased aspects of Trump’s hyper-conservative agenda, writes Danielle Corcione.

And so far, no other contenders, Democrat or Republican, have stepped into the race.

In March, King “quoted an Islamophobic tweet by a Dutch nationalist with the nauseating statement ‘We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,’ a comment that was later praised by alt-right leader Richard Spencer and former KKK grand wizard David Duke,” notes Corcione.

King has a long, sordid history of far-right, white nationalist beliefs and comments, “from suggesting the Mexico wall have electrical wire fencing just like a livestock farm, to claiming Planned Parenthood advocates for child prostitution… to backing up Todd Akin’s statement that women can’t get pregnant from rape.”

But Weaver notes, the difference now is that the Trump administration actually employs white nationalists, starting with Trump’s chief strategist and right-hand man, Steve Bannon, and King feels emboldened.

If Weaver wins, she insists, King and his ilk will know that, in fact, they can’t get away with such atrocious behavior. The voters will see to it.

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