They claim they are not racist when nothing could be further from the truth. They claim they are standing for American values and way of life when nothing could be further from the truth. They gather together to monitor our southern border with Mexico to hunt for Mexicans. Many of the border agents approve of their “extra” help. They believe in conspiracy theories, some expecting that the UN will eventually invade us. Their ranks grew after President Obama was elected. They are armed, dangerous and delusional about what is happening in the world. They are paramilitary groups operating within our own borders.

They are the next Timothy McVeighs.

Shane Bauer infiltrated the ranks of one of these paramilitary group, the 3UP that has thousands of members, over 3000 in Colorado alone. Here is a snippet of a conversation he overheard,

“Does anyone here know Spanish?” Jaeger asks.

“I know a little bit of Spanish. ‘Stop,’ ‘sit down.’ Alto! Siéntate!” Yota says.

“I know ‘chupa mi verga,'” Spanish for “suck my dick,” Jaeger says.

“If they don’t speak English, they’re fucked,” Destroyer says.

“You’d think if we were out here hunting Mexicans, somebody would speak goddamned Spanish,” Yota says.

“Yeah, but do you know how to freakin’ talk to a damn deer when you go deer huntin’?” Bull says.

“Yeah, you just shoot the motherfuckers.”

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