Thousands of people marched on April 15 demanding that Donald Trump release his tax returns. During his campaign, Trump promised to do so once his audit was over. There, of course, was no reason not to release his tax returns as the IRS does not prevent anyone from doing so, whether they are under audit or not. Since he became president, Trump has continued to refuse to release his returns, and the GOP has refused to demand that he do so. Neither is surprising as one can only imagine what those returns would reveal.

But polls indicate that the majority of Americans want to see them, and on Saturday many took to the streets to demand that he produce them. As many as 25,000 people showed up in Washington and another 20,000 in New York. There were many other marches in other cities around the country.

The marches won’t force Trump to release his returns but they will serve as yet another issue to galvanize the resistance to this presidency. Trump’s lack of transparency, just like the Trump/Russia investigation, is not going to be forgotten by the American people.

The one hope is that in the course of the investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia, he will be forced to release his tax returns to the committees investigating their interference into our election. The American people may never see them but it is possible that whatever he is hiding will find its way out into the open for all to see.

-Jan Harrison



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