Ivanka Trump is a federal employee, though she doesn’t take a salary. Federal employees have to follow the conflict of interest rules, there are no exceptions. The Associated Press is reporting that on the very same day that Ivanka Trump had dinner with the President of China and his wife, her company received approval from the Chinese for three new trademarks. Many are speaking out about their blatant disregard for the law.

“Ivanka has so many China ties and conflicts, yet she and Jared appear deeply involved in China contacts and policy. I would never have allowed it,” said Norman Eisen, who served as chief White House ethics lawyer under Barack Obama. “For their own sake, and the country’s, Ivanka and Jared should consider stepping away from China matters.”

Eisen is not the only former presidential ethics lawyer who sees this and other issues as a conflict of interest. Former ethics lawyer to George Bush, Richard Painter has made clear that in his opinion there are multiple levels of conflict of interest with Trump and his family.

Neither the President of the United States nor his family are allowed to profit from his position while in office. It is the law.

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