Maybe there is some justice… Bill O’Reilly is out at Fox News. After weeks of speculation, 21st Century Fox pulled the plug on the 67-year-old’s nightly show. Nothing could make me happier. In my estimation, he represents everything that the Republican Party now sadly stands for. Not one to stick to the facts, he impugned reputations and acted as if he had the right to treat women any way he wanted, evidently figuring that he was too big to fall.

He was wrong. Roger Ailes was wrong. Bill Cosby was wrong. All of these men have been accused of being serial harassers. They aren’t alone.

The irony is that President of the United States has been accused of equally troubling behavior toward women.

Prior to the 2016 election, many women came forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault and harassment. He admitted on a video for all the world to see that he had grabbed women by their pussies and prepped for unwanted kisses by taking Tic Tacs.

“I’ve gotta use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.”

At the time, everyone believed that his candidacy was over.

All of us underestimated the ability of the American people to accept as President of the United States a man who clearly had no regard nor respect for women.

The incident on video wasn’t the only one that proved he treated women as sexual objects. His past performance on Howard Stern and his comments and tweets about women showed a consistency in his denigration of women.

But that didn’t matter to over 60 million Americans. Even women, most especially white women who voted for him, had no problem with his admitting that he grabbed women by their vaginas. Their excuse? It was in his “past.”

That’s like saying that one’s character is only judged on the past few months and not a lifetime of behavior. Trump is 70 years old. He has a long and ugly track record and not just toward women. He has screwed small companies that worked for him by not paying them. He produced his products and continues to do so in foreign countries even as he signs another hypocritical executive order that promotes “buy and hire American.” He signed it knowing that most of his staff at Mar-a-Lago are brought in from foreign countries. He signed it knowing that Ivanka’s line of goods is also produced outside our borders. Does he care that he has conned America?

Where I live in Westchester New York, his Briarcliff golf course has applied for a waiver to hire foreign workers because they can’t find anyone willing to work for $14 per hour…

Are Americans too stupid to see how they have been played?

Trump is not going to change his ways. Ridiculously, I still hear pundits wondering when he will accept that he can’t do something beneath the office of President of the United States. Why the hell should this man change anything when he has gotten away with lie after lie? Why should he change his behavior when the head of the Senate and the House have no problem with him lying and Republican after Republican defend him? What incentive does he have?

He doesn’t care about this nation. The only thing Trump cares about is his audience. If we aren’t clapping for him, he becomes disturbed and this is what triggers his tweets.

He needs adulation, and when it isn’t real, he creates it.

The truth is a foreign concept to Trump and to his administration. Whatever status we once had in the world as a nation to look up to has been disgraced by the election of this man.

They see a once great nation choose a man who is singularly unfit to be president. He can barely put together a sentence without repeating the same word or phrase at least three times. His vocabulary is a signature consequence of a lifetime of not reading much. Trump has shown little knowledge of how anything works from health care and the economy to foreign affairs and, more concerning it doesn’t seem to bother him.

Foreign leaders, such as the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel have looked at him bewildered as he sputters nonsense.

He offends and regularly scares the hell out of the world as he plays with our military as if it is a Tonka toy set.

An unsuccessful bombing of the Shayrat airport in Syria cost us $60 million, did nothing to stop Syria and was a ploy to dissuade Americans of the notion that Russia has influence over him. Trump failed to mention that he gave Russia forewarning of the bombing so they could get their personnel and their aircraft out of harm’s way.

This is all a theater, folks. We are minor players in Trump’s new reality show. The presidency has become a platform for his grandiose version of The Apprentice. He wants us to watch and applaud. He, like Bill O’Reilly, thinks that he is too big to fail or fall. His support of Bill O’Reilly after the recent allegations came out is another indication that he believes he and his boys are part of an elite crowd that answers to no one.

Today Bill O’Reilly found out that there is a piper to pay. Will Donald Trump find out the same thing? That will depend on whether the Republican Party believes that this nation is more important than its ringmaster.

-Jan Harrison


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