Too many girls are being pushed out of schools. Some are sexually harassed and traumatized, others suffer from racist attacks while many are discriminated against because of their gender. The National Women’s Law Center has done a study that shows 1 out of 5 girls have been sexually assaulted. They have also documented that there has been a rise in incidences since Trump was elected. These incidences are happening at all levels of schooling, including in elementary schools.

Many of the behaviors are hate based. Girls are attacked for their race, their gender, their sexuality and for too many, it results in their dropping out of school or living with the effects of being traumatized while in school, on a regular basis.

And if girls do not graduate, they pay a high price.

According to the National Women’s Law Center, “these traumatic experiences not only affect girls’ mental and physical health, but also their ability to concentrate, feel safe, and stay and do well in school.

The NWLC has produced a series of reports called Let Her Learn: Stopping School Pushout that document what is happening and what can be done to help girls navigate these experiences as well as what can be done to prevent them from happening in the first place





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