Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was asked to write a flattering blurb for Donald Trump’s son-in-law and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner who is listed as one of this year’s 100 most influential people in TIME magazine, notes Katy Waldman, and write one he did. It’s just not the kind of endorsement Kushner was likely expecting. At one point, Kissinger actually likens Kushner to Icarus, a man whose name is “mythological shorthand for hubris.”

“Henry Kissinger’s blurb for Jared Kushner in Time is the recommendation letter no student wants,” says Waldman.

Kissinger, who has a long and storied background in academia, “is well-versed in the art of the Insincere Recommendation Letter,” argues, Waldman, as well as with the myth of “Icarus, an inventor’s son who donned wax wings and impetuously flew too close to the sun.”

There is no mistaking Kissinger’s lack of enthusiasm for his TIME-chosen blurbee.

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