There are days when I wish I could stay home and be there for my kids. I know I miss a lot. I also know that my husband and I can’t afford it. I look at other stay-at-home moms with envy — sometimes. While I may from time to time wish I had more freedom, I also know that I need much more stimulation and outside work than being at home would provide.

“What’s happening isn’t all about turning back the clock on gender roles in US society. Part of it, yes, reflects the staying power of ‘the status quo’ for men and women, especially among the religious. But the shift may be more about the ideal of a parent – mother or father – being at home,” says Schuyler Velasco.

It turns out that many couples believe that one parent should be at home for their children. From some, whether it is a father or a mother doesn’t matter but surveys are providing evidence that there has been a change in attitudes among the younger generation. More believe that one parent should be home with the kids, putting the economic reality aside that, right now, a full 66% of families have two working parents out of necessity.


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