The GOP are once again working on a plan to repeal Obamacare. They are attempting to find the middle ground between the conservative Freedom Caucus and the more “moderate” Republicans. At the heart of their attempt, is assuaging the Freedom Caucuses desire to lower premiums. Unfortunately, what they have proposed not only won’t accomplish that it will put people who most need health insurance at risk of losing their insurance because they can’t afford it.

Behind of all this is their belief that people should be able to pick and choose the benefits that they receive. So what were called essential benefits under Obamacare would now become additional costs to a basic insurance policy. Think, maternity care, preventative care, and mental health services. And while they say they aren’t taking them away, they want to allow states to do so.

There is nothing that benefits anyone in their plan other than insurance companies. Most Americans understand that though they may not be sick now or have a heart condition or cancer that they or a family member one day may need treatment.

To separate the sick and the healthy only serves to make things ultimately more costly for everyone.

If people can’t afford insurance they end up in the emergency room which we all end up paying for. But worst, people end up dying without preventative care and without treatment options once they are sick.

Why would anyone work to make it harder for sick Americans to afford health insurance?

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