Intellect and education are important considerations when electing a President. Over 60 million people cared about neither and elected Trump. He is not a critical thinker, he has no knowledge of global politics or history and has shown no desire to learn about either. In his ignorance, he said that he now understood better the problems between South Korea and China because South Korea was once a part of China. He said that he got that information from the President of China.

Well, he was wrong. Korea was never a part of China and the South Koreans were angered by his ignorance.

According to AP,

The historically inaccurate sentence from a Wall Street Journal interview bumps up against a raft of historical and political sensitivities in a country where many have long feared Chinese designs on the Korean Peninsula. It also feeds neatly into longstanding worries about Seoul’s shrinking role in dealing with its nuclear-armed rival, North Korea.

Words matter President Trump, and it is in your best interest and ours that you say as little as possible.

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