Today was the day the world stood up for science. It was a day the people said we believe in science and scientists and know what they have contributed to our history and our future. These people, like all thinking people, understand the importance of facts and the truth. They are not climate change deniers.  Our planet and its future are important to them. They don’t put profit over people or our environment.  They aren’t Republicans.  And they didn’t vote for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a liar. He has done absolutely nothing since becoming president to preserve and protect our planet. Nothing. He has already rolled back environmental regulations and has put climate deniers as head of the EPA and the Department of Energy. He in his moronic effort to think believes that climate change is a Chinese Hoax. His statement put out today shows his true colors.

Economic growth enhances environmental protection. We can and must protect our environment without harming America’s working families. That is why my Administration is reducing unnecessary burdens on American workers and American companies, while being mindful that our actions must also protect the environment.

Millions and millions of people know better. – Jan Harrison

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