Since Donald Trump’s election win, new legislation proposed in Republican-led states threatens to bring climate change denial into the classroom, all in the name of “academic freedom,” reports Emmalina Glinskis.

Six states already have measures on the books (or pending) that would make anti-science rhetoric in the classroom permissible, including the idea that global warming is a hoax.

“Senate Bill 393 in Oklahoma, for example, would permit teachers to paint established science on both evolution and climate change as ‘controversial.’ The ‘controversy,’ however, doesn’t really exist — more than 97 percent of actively publishing, accredited climate scientists agree that global warming trends… are directly attributable to human activity.

While these types of proposals by Republicans are not new, some of the most recent ones are far more bold, hoping to incorporate full-blown science denial in school curricula.

Republican Sen. Josh Brecheen, the Oklahoma bill’s sponsor, has introduced similar legislation every year since 2011, for example, but this year it’s actually heading to the state Senate for a vote. Brecheen says he wants “every publicly funded Oklahoma school to teach the debate of creation vs. evolution.”

Keep in mind that Charles and David Koch, who outspent even Exxon Mobil on climate change denial propaganda, and Koch-funded think tanks have been cultivating and supporting the Republican party and local politicians for decades now. And Koch Industries, a fossil fuel conglomerate, directly lobbied to help confirm Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency, according to new filings, as reported in The Intercept.  – Danielle Bizzarro

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