On Tuesday, a federal judge in California issued a nationwide injunction, blocking the Trump administration from enforcing its threat to withhold funds from “sanctuary cities,” dealing another legal blow to Trump’s immigration agenda, reports Tal Kopan.

The White House has responded with typical fury, calling the ruling another case of “egregious overreach by a single unelected judge.”

Judge William H. Orrick, however, sided with Santa Clara County, the city of San Francisco and other plaintiffs, who argued that a threat to withhold federal funds from “uncooperative” cities is likely unconstitutional, and blocked the departments of Justice and Homeland Security from enforcing a key portion of Trump’s January executive order on immigration.

Orrick further clarified in his ruling that the “jurisdictions successfully showed they ‘are currently suffering irreparable harm’ because the order violates rights granted to states by the Constitution and because, even if the order hasn’t been carried out, it has ’caused budget uncertainty’ simply by threatening to take away hundreds of millions in federal funds,” notes Kopan.

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