Apparently, baby humpback whales ‘whisper’ to their mothers, according to scientists who have captured the quiet grunts and squeaks of infant whales on audio recordings—the first ever made with devices attached directly to the baby whales, reports Nell Greenfieldboyce. The early life of wild whales are so elusive because researchers can’t follow and see what they’re doing.

“The babbling of baby whales is very different that the haunting, eerie songs sung by adult male humpbacks,” says Greenfieldboyce.

During an annual migration to waters of the Antarctic, for example, baby whales travel with their mothers for thousands of miles and exactly what happens during the trip is still a mystery.

What’s interesting about the sounds is how quiet they are — almost as if the baby humpback is whispering so that something dangerous lurking nearby won’t hear — in other words just loud enough for mother to hear.

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