The Democrats have put together a piece of legislation to raise the minimum federal wage to $15 dollars an hour. Raise the Wage Act will raise the minimum wage from it’s current pathetic $7.25 an hour to $9.20 when the bill becomes law. It will then be raised one dollar an hour for the next seven years until it hits $15.

It also raises rid the tipped minimum wage that servers in restaurants are allowed to be paid to $3.15 an hour upon signing and eventually eliminates it paying them the full $15 dollars an hour.

According to ThinkProgress,

It would also directly and indirectly lead to raises for millions of Americans. According to EPI’s analysis, 22.5 million people would get higher pay thanks to their employers being required to increase their wages within seven years, earning an average of $5,100 more a year for full-time work. Another 19 million people, meanwhile, would see their pay rise as employers hiked compensation for people making more than $15 an hour so as to retain and attract them. That amounts to a raise for more than a quarter of the entire wage-earning workforce.

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