Balch Springs, Texas

According to his friends, Jordan Edwards was leaving a party because it was getting too rowdy and they heard the cops were on their way. They got into a car in an attempt to leave. What happened next differs according to witnesses who were on the scene and the police account. The police account says that the vehicle was been driven in a threatening fashion and that the officer fired his gun as a response, but the eyewitnesses account doesn’t jive with that story. The family’s attorney, who was interviewed by BuzzFeed,

“…disputed the police department’s claim that the driver was approaching officers in a threatening manner, explaining that the officer’s bullet did not come from behind the vehicle, but had “entered the passenger side window and shattered it.”

The police also claim that shots were fired, yet witnesses said they heard no gunshots until after the cops arrived.

Jordan Edwards was fifteen years old. He had his entire life in front of him. He was a good student who was getting into playing football. Now his family is left with mere memories of this young man who had so much to live for.

These stories leave me and others bereft. Black lives matter. – Jan Harrison

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