Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United Airlines, testified before Congress this morning in an attempt to explain why a passenger was dragged off a plane. According to NPR, the passenger, Dr. David Dao suffered injuries which included, “…a concussion and a broken nose and lost two teeth. His attorney says he may need surgery because of his injuries. Dao reached a settlement with United last week for an undisclosed amount.”

Congressional representatives are grilling Munoz and other CEO’s airlines making it clear that the recent incidents of passengers being treated badly will not go without answers and legislation designed to stop some of the more egregious policies that airlines enforce.

United has already changed some of its policies including lowering the number of flights that are overbooked and by upping the amount the passengers can receive if they are bumped off a flight to $10,000.

Several bills have already been introduced that would prevent an airline from removing a passenger that is already seated. Munoz and others are set to testify before the Senate on Thursday.

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