Because they have had a disastrous first 100 days and because they have no interest in how the “American Health Care Plan” will impact Americans, the GOP is set to vote tomorrow on the newest version of Trumpcare. The Congressional Budget Office has yet to review it and let legislators know what the impact would be to Americans and to our deficit, but the House leadership doesn’t seem to care. They are planning to hold a vote tomorrow despite this serious lack of information.

Whatever the House approves at this juncture will very likely fail in the Senate, so why do it? Is the purpose to pass a bill that will actually improve the quality of our health insurance market or is it all a show to prove that Speaker Ryan was able to rally the troops and pass the buck to the Senate? Given that they are going to vote on the new bill without the necessary information to make an informed decision, it seems that it is all for show.

The House GOP no longer cares about repealing and replacing Obamacare. They are merely seeking a “win” for their party and their president, not progress for the nation and its people.

As Sarah Kliff at Vox reports: “At this point, Republicans seem more concerned with moving something out of their chamber than they do with what that something is.”

“That is a risky and potentially embarrassing move,” says Kliff. The CBO score will come out sooner or later, and Republicans might be faced with defending a bill they don’t like much at all.

And just a reminder — Obamacare is the same legislation as The Affordable Care Act that most Americans seem to want to keep.

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