Stacey Abrams is currently the Democratic leader in the Georgia State House, and she has nowdecided to run for Governor of Georgia. Given that Georgia has long been a red state and that no Black woman has ever been elected governor of any state, it would seem that the odds are stacked against her.

But this is a new day, and many women have been inspired to run for office since the election of Donald Trump. And Abrams resumé is certainly something to brag about. According to The Guardian:

She was the first African-American valedictorian in memory at Avondale high school, the magnet school in Georgia she attended; the first person in her family to buy a house; the first in her family to become a lawyer; the youngest deputy city attorney in Atlanta, according to the mayor who hired her.

“When she became the minority leader in the Georgia state house, no woman or person of color had ever held that job in its 200-some years.”

Abrams knows Georgia and has the political chops to withstand the heat. She will be a formidable challenger to whomever she runs against.

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