Regulations within Obamacare prevented people from being discriminated against with regard to their health care based “on race, skin color, national origin sex, age, or disability.” Last year, five states filed a lawsuit objecting to the protection afforded transgender and non-conforming genders. Enforcement of the regulation was put on hold by a Texas judge. Now according to ThinkProgress:

The Justice Department said it did not take issue with the rule being on hold. The Department asked that HHS be given time to ‘reconsider the regulation at issue in this case’ and that a judgment motion ‘may become moot in light of subsequent administrative proceedings.’

Transgender people often face discrimination in health care settings as they do in many areas. But, it should come as no surprise that the Trump administration should seek to remove any protections for transgender people. Sessions and others are part of the Christian right, whose goal is to end marriage equality and other protections afforded members of the LGBTQ community, have made it clear that their religious beliefs trump the civil rights of anyone who doesn’t live and love the way they want them to.

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