President Donald Trump is expected to issue a new executive order aimed at undoing a key provision of Obamacare, one that requires organizations to include contraception services in health insurance for their employees, reports Molly Redden.

Under the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration offered an exemption for religious groups that opposed contraception on moral grounds. An organization simply had to notify the Department of Health and Human Services that it would not cover contraception. Reasonable right?

“The order will deal a regulatory blow to Obamacare just as Republicans are poised to roll back key elements of Obama’s signature achievement in Congress,” Redden points out.

Well, not so for many religious groups that objected to even notifying the government because then the government would make other arrangements to cover their employees. You see, these groups don’t want their female employees to get free contraception, at all. The president’s EO will help religious groups to eimply opt out of Obama’s contraception mandate.

“In spring 2016,” says Redden, “the supreme court heard a challenge to the exemption process from a group of nuns known as the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

The court declined to rule on the principles of the case and instead ordered the Little Sisters and the government to reach a compromise. And now, Trump’s order is expected to direct the HHS, led by none other than “show me a woman who can’t afford contraception” Tom Price, to fully accommodate all religious groups in their demands to deny their female employees contraception coverage.

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