Everyone I know has a pre-existing condition. My daughter and husband have asthma, I have mitrovalve prolapse, my sister has lupus, my brother-in-law had cancer. Almost all of my friends, by the GOP definition of pre-existing conditions, are going to be screwed if this new bill becomes law. Even those that have been sexually assaulted are considered as having a pre-existing condition.

But that doesn’t matter to the House Republicans who voted yesterday to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a bill that will not cover pre-existing conditions as it will allow insurers to charge people more if they have a pre-existing condition. Under Obamacare insurance companies can’t do that.

It also lifts the current cap in place on out-of-pocket costs. In other words, those that have catastrophic illnesses will be forced into bankruptcy if they can not afford to pay their medical bills. This applies to everyone.

This applies to everyone including those that are on employer plans.

This is a bill that serves only the rich and the healthy. It discriminates against older people and sick people. It is not a safety net and it ends the Medicaid expansion by 2020. Sarah Kliff at Vox News points out,

The end result would be that people eventually get moved into the individual market, where they would have to pay for private insurance coverage. They would get some help from AHCA’s tax credits, but likely not enough to afford to purchase a plan — keep in mind, these are people who are only earning $15,000 or less per year.

Older people will be dramatically impacted by the “age tax” and AARP has issued a statement in opposition to the bill;

“Before people even reach retirement age, big insurance companies could be allowed to charge them an age tax that adds up to thousands of dollars more per year. Older Americans need affordable health care services and prescriptions. This plan goes in the opposite direction, increasing insurance premiums for older Americans and not doing anything to lower drug costs.

The Republicans celebrated yesterday, giddy with their win while people on Facebook and twitter were expressing their terror at losing their health insurance or upset that a family member who desperately needs insurance won’t be able to afford it.

What kind of human being deliberately looks to hurt the poor, the sick and older Americans?

Some have complained that healthy people shouldn’t have to pay for sick people. Rep. Mo Brooks actually blamed people for being sick because of the lifestyle choices. In an interview with CNN, he said,

It will allow insurance companies to require people who have higher health care costs to contribute more to the insurance pool that helps offset all these costs, thereby reducing the cost to those people who lead good lives, they’re healthy, they’ve done the things to keep their bodies healthy.

In other words, those people that are sick deserve to pay more. Don’t worry Mr. Brooks if the GOP has its way they will or they will die.

All Republicans whether they voted for it or against it own this bill. They have decried Obamacare, lied about it and promised its repeal since the day it was passed. Nothing they did yesterday make insurance more affordable for most Americans. It caters to young rich people who are healthy and no one else. It is a disgrace and will cost them. Democrats will make sure of it.

-Jan Harrison

PS Ask me again what the difference is between being a Democrat and a Republican…Democrats care about whether you live or die.



  1. I’ d like to see someone throw a handheld in the middle of them all it would be doing this country a favor all those S O B’ S ARE A DRAIN ON OUR ECONOMY THE REPUBLICANS WILL LOSE THE HOUSE NEXT Election AND THE DEMS WILL TALK OVER GO HILLARY

  2. Some of you people sick in the head most others county provides free Heath ins instead of fighting every other country in the world and medicine not high as hell like here hope people say it ok not to have free ins better hope your ass never get sick

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