The Huffington Post has a new look and a new executive editor.  Recently hired, editor in chief, Lydia Polgreen hired former Daily News editor in chief Jim Rich, for the spot.  According to an interview with  Buzzfeed News, her goal is to turn The Huffington Post into a tabloid that responds in an emotional and factual way to the stories of the day,

The great tabloids were always driven by a sense of outrage, you know a sense of righteous indignation…and had this sensibility of, like, there are people out there that are trying to screw you—and we’re going expose them for it.

The Huffington Post has suffered from a reputation that has been hard to shake including that it ripped off writers by not paying them, or not paying them much given the amount of money that the Huffington Post made, it was hard for many to swallow.

This new iteration will be interesting to watch.

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