Yakubu Nkeki, chairman of the Chibok parents’ group spent three hours with his niece Maimuna Usman and 81 other former Boko Haram captives in the Nigerian capital of Abuja, where they have been staying since their unexpected release on Sunday, reports the Guardian.

Nkeki, a primary school teacher who taught many of the schoolgirls, described his “amazing joy” upon seeing his niece who had been held captive by the Islamist militant group for three years.

“Today is a wonderful day,” said Nkeki on Monday. “I saw the girls and Maimuna. When she saw me, she ran and grabbed me and started crying. I was so overwhelmed.”

All the girls will undergo medical and psychological tests for the next five to seven days. So far, only Nkeki has been able to see the girls but some parents have spoken to their daughters by phone, he said.

“When we had the first 21, because of similarities in names, more than two, three sets of parents came to Abuja. So, we don’t want to create that confusion,” Shehu told Agence France-Presse.

Presidential spokesman Garba Shehu said the Nigerian government was working hard to verify the identities of the girls, sending photographs as well as names to the remote town of Chibok for cross-checking.

More than 100 girls still remain in captivity in addition to “hundreds of other women and children, some of whom have been forced by the militants to carry bombs to busy areas and to kill themselves and civilians,” says the Guardian.

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